4 unmissable trends of SS24

Welcome to the sparkling world of Spring/Summer 2024 fashion, where innovation and style merge to create an explosion of freshness and glamour. In our shopping center, we’ve carefully curated the most irresistible trends to help you flaunt an impeccable look this season.

Radiant Elegance: Mini Total White Dresses

White is the star color of the season, and nothing captures the essence of summer like a mini total white dress. Whether you opt for clean and minimalist lines or romantic and delicate details, a white dress will make you shine under the spring sun.

Tally Weijl


Blooming Flowers: The Flower All Over Trend

Wrap yourself in the beauty of nature with the “flower all over” trend. Bold and vibrant floral prints will transform every outfit into a botanical masterpiece. From dresses to shirts, to skirts, there’s no limit to your floral creativity.



Chic Geometry: Square Volume Bags

Forget traditional shapes because this year it’s all about geometry. Square volume bags are the must-have accessory to complete your Spring/Summer 2024 look. With sharp lines and innovative structures, these bags will add a contemporary and sophisticated touch to your outfit.



Light Step: Kitten Kneel Sandals

With discreet elegance and an irresistible retro touch, kitten kneel sandals are the perfect choice to tackle warm days with style and comfort. With their low and slim heel and delicate design, these sandals perfectly complement any outfit, from casual to more formal.


In our shopping center, you’ll find a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and footwear to fully embrace the trends of the season. Come visit us and be inspired by Spring/Summer 2024 fashion. Don’t miss the opportunity to live fashionably!