Enjoy Acireale in 24 hours

Have you organized your trip to Acireale and you want to know some tours to best appreciate and enjoy the town of a hundred bell towers? Read the article and get inspired.

villa belvedere acireale centro commerciale ciclope

Villa Belvedere

The Villa Belvedere is the municipal villa and its name came from the amazing view on the Ionian coast. From its exclusive terrace you can admire Taormina, the volcano Etna and the Timpa.

This oasis where the magic of nature and the panorama create a detachment from the city’s routine and chaos, is located at the end of Corso Umberto, the main street that extends from the Villa to the Cathedral of Acireale. Built in 1848 it is the biggest public garden in Acireale, full of boulevards and flowerbeds. Here you will meet the chest of the most eminent men of Acireale lived between the Nineteenth and the Twentieth Century. However, the unmissable attraction is the Aci e Galatea fountain. The name reminds you something? Read this article to discover the legend of Polifemo and many other tips.

piazza duomo acireale centro commerciale ciclope

Corso Umberto and Piazza Duomo 

Baroque, lights and shadows, paving stones, noble palaces are just some of the elements that make Corso Umberto the most important and characteristic avenue in Acireale. Starting from the Villa Belvedere you can take a walk along the avenue admiring the palaces of the ancient noble families of Acireale and their timeless beauty, you will also meet some bars, pastry shops or kiosks where to taste some local specialties. If you feel like shopping, here you will find many different brand shops that will make your walk even more colorful and fun.

At the end you will reach the beautiful and famous Piazza Duomo, with the Basilica and the Cathedral framing it, and where the sunlight enhances the majestic beauty of the Baroque.

museo opera dei pupi acireale centro commerciale ciclope

Opera dei Pupi Museum

The Opera dei Pupi is one of the best-known Sicilian traditions of inestimable value, and the Acese tradition has a unique and exciting history. If you want to get to know the history of this tradition in depth, we recommend you visit the Museo dell’Opera dei Pupi, located in Via Alessi, 5 a few steps from Piazza Duomo. There you will see the puppets up close, the tools used to build them and the theater, furthermore you will discover many curiosities about the tradition from the guide. Did you know that in 2008 the Opera dei Pupi was registered among the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO?

arancino street food centro commerciale ciclope acireale

Street food for lunch

You’ve walked enough, now you deserve a break and why not, maybe a super tasty and crunchy break. You guessed? We are talking about the arancino! It is certainly one of the musts for those who come to Sicily and you have to taste it. If you want to taste also the tavola calda in general you are spolit of choices, in the city center you can taste it in the many bars and so, let yourself go between arancini, pizzette, cartocciate, cipolline, sfoglie and much more.

chiazzette centro commerciale ciclope acireale la timpa

Chiazzette and Santa Maria La Scala

Did you know that there is a path surrounded by nature where you can admire a breathtaking view and reach the village of Santa Maria La Scala by foot? We are talking about Chiazzette, an amazing path that will bring you from the chaos of the city to the peace of the seaside. Le Chiazzette can be easily reached by foot from the Piazza del Suffraggio through the bridge that will bring you directly to the entrance of the path.  From there, travelling the wide ramps you willget some fresh air admiring the breathtaking view.

In the seaside village you can taste the typical fish recipes in the traditional restaurants along the seafront of Santa Maria La Scala and take a walk from the Mulino to the port.

And the return? The most athletics can decide to come back through the Chiazzette, otherwise the laziest can take the autobus from the square to Acireale.

dinner cena ciclope acireale

Dinner surrounded by the Baroque

After walking all day, a certain peckish begins to set in and you know it’s time to take a break. Do you want to enjoy a dinner while tasting the typical products surrounded by the Acese Baroque to live another suggestive and typical experience? Through the city center roads and so, Corso Umberto, Via Romeo and Piazza Duomo you will find many differents restaurants, lounge bars, pubs and pizzerias where to taste local products cooked in traditional and modern ways.

Your stop in Acireale is over and we are happy to have accompanied you along the main attractions that a passing tourist cannot miss. See you next time!