Must-have of the month

It’s time to start putting the costumes in the boxes and find inspiration to create your own look for autumn/winter 2023. It will be a season full of contrasts, ranging from total black to bright colours, from monochrome to eclectic patterns and then concluding with an alternation of different fabrics and textures. The result? An up-and-down style with a thousand facets, for those who love to change and always see themselves with a new look and character. Let’s start by discovering some must-have items and come to the Ciclope Shopping Center in Acireale to purchase them.

Mary Jane: 20’s Style Diktat

Preppy, elegant, versatile and iconic, Mary Janes have slightly transformed from the 1920s to today, lengthening or squaring the toe, raising or reducing the heel but they have always confirmed themselves as one of the main style diktats.

This model has always aroused the interest and creativity of the main fashion houses, starting from the classic design and then distorting it to accommodate the evolution of fashion. Buy your Mary Janes from Bata and create your iconic look.

trend tendenze must-have moda autunno inverno 2023 2024

90’s Again

90s baby one more time! The pop fashion of the 90s with low-waisted miniskirts, iconic t-shirts, all-over denim has won everyone’s hearts and it’s impossible to do without it. Every year brands dust off iconic garments from those years to re-propose them in a slightly different key but always capable of making Britney Spears resonate in the mind. Run to Zuiki and create your 90s look.

trend must-have autunno inverno 2023 2024 denim 90s

Self Care

Summer is dynamic, full of emotions and unforgettable moments. Between one trip and another your beauty routine has probably been a little forgotten and now it’s time to get back into good old habits. Create your starter pack in the Farmapiù Parapharmacy where you always find special promos and unmissable opportunities on your favorite products, with the reliability and professionalism of our doctors.

beauty routine trend must have

What are you waiting for? Come to Ciclope to resume good old habits with a new, more colorful and iconic touch. We are waiting for you!