Roaming estero FAQ

Have you booked a trip abroad or are planning a move to another EU country and don’t know if your rate plan will work properly? Are you afraid of receiving extra costs for using the services provided by your operator? Whether you are Vodafone, Tim, WindTre or Iliad it is normal to have doubts about the use of your promo abroad, read the article with the most common FAQs and for more details go to our telephone sales points to receive all the info .

Can I use my mobile phone free of charge when traveling in the European Union?

Yes. The national contract also covers communications made from another country of the European Union. Therefore, the same conditions as the national tariff plan will be charged for the minutes, SMS and gigabytes consumed without any difference or modification.

In the EU, can I automatically roam at no extra cost or do I need to do something to activate it?

No activation is required. Your operator should automatically give you access to roaming services in the EU at home rates.
Once you reach the foreign country, you just need to activate roaming from the settings to take advantage of your tariff and be able to navigate, send messages and call.

I’m leaving on a one-week cruise in the Mediterranean. Will I be able to use my mobile phone on board at the same rates I pay in my country?

Yes, but be careful! You will be able to make calls, send text messages and use data at the same rates applied in your country only if your mobile phone is connected to a terrestrial mobile network (for example rivers, lakes or along the coast) of a country of the European Union. Otherwise, and therefore if during the cruise mobile phone services are provided via radio networks such as the ship’s satellite systems to take advantage of phone calls, SMS and data you could be charged a significant surcharge. To avoid additional charges, we recommend turning off roaming on your device or turning on airplane mode while at sea.

These are just some of the main FAQs regarding foreign roaming but we specify that each tariff has its own clauses and characteristics and therefore we recommend in any case that you go to the Ciclope and ask for information from your telephone line operators.
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