St Martin: origins, traditions and celebrations

The so-called St. Martin’s Summer corresponds to the first autumn days which, after the first drops in temperature, offer a few moments of warmth and sunshine reminiscent of beautiful summer days. As we know, this is not always the case and, especially in recent years with climate changes, the seasons are changing their natural and historical course and therefore, today rather than a “scientific” origin of the name, we prefer to tell the legend that gave life to this tradition and which amuses the little ones and makes the older ones reflect.

Martin of Tours, after spending his childhood in Pavia, was recruited by the imperial guard as a circitor, i.e. someone who guaranteed public order through patrols and surveillance. On one of these nights Martin met an almost naked beggar who was visibly suffering from the cold, so he decided to divide his cloak in half to share it with him and let them spend the night in the heat. Later he met another beggar in the same condition and immediately decided to give up his half and was left without cover to help him.

Thus, almost like magic or a miracle, the clouds parted and the sun made room, causing temperatures to rise as if summer had returned.

The celebrations

Saint Martin’s summer is an anniversary felt by many countries throughout Europe, each with its own typical traditions and customs. In Italy, depending on the region you are in, the celebration changes slightly. Among typical desserts, rituals, festivals and village celebrations, what all versions have in common is the exaltation and sharing of seasonal products. First of all the wine, the immovable protagonist of the party, but also chestnuts, pumpkin, dried fruit and much more.

We at Ciclope love to bring the magical atmosphere of traditional festivals into our gallery to share it with you at every moment of your days. An essential element of our St. Martin’s celebrations is certainly the Crafts Market. A moment to discover original and quality products, get to know the artisans, give them the opportunity to grow sales and knowledge of their creations. This is the ideal spirit of San Martino for us, sharing, having fun and learning, and we can’t wait to experience it with you.