Unmissable natural routes in Acireale

Acireale is located on a plateau on a terrace of lava origin, the Timpa, which places the village almost overhanging the Ionian coast. Over time, the La Timpa Nature Reserve has been enriched and colored by dense and typically Mediterranean vegetation, creating suggestive glimpses and landscapes where the hardness of the lava stone blends perfectly with the colors of the wild nature and the Ionian Sea.

This is why you cannot visit Acireale without discovering its natural paths. In this article we will present you the most suggestive and unmissable ones, also taking into consideration the degree of difficulty, safety and duration.


Chiazzette itinerary is certainly one of the most accessible and relaxing for those who want to visit the Timpa by seeing breathtaking views by walking on a lava stone path made up of wide ramps and surmounted by the most authentic nature.

The route consists of 7 hairpin bends that connect the city of Acireale to the seaside village of Santa Maria la Scala, allowing you to comfortably overcome the difference in height of 150 metres.

After a few meters from the entrance, you find yourself on the first ramp of the Chiazzette against which the Fortezza del Tocco stands out: the bastion, built for defensive purposes in the first half of the 17th century. Along the fourth ramp is the chapel dedicated to the SS. Buona Nuova crucifix, dating back to the first half of the 19th century. On the seventh and last ramp you can choose between two routes. Going straight along the original path that runs alongside the town on one side and the gable buttresses on the other and leads to the square of the seaside village.

Otherwise you can take the path on the right, called via Miuccio which zigzags down towards the coast with 18 narrow and short hairpin bends without a parapet and reaches a large square where the Testa dell’Acqua mill is located.

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La Gazzena

Contrada della Gazzena is certainly one of the most interesting areas from a naturalistic and landscape point of view as it offers a variety of attractions, remains and glimpses.

It is a typically country path, surrounded by nature and which connects the entrance from Capomulini to the main attractions located in that area such as the abandoned warehouse, a characteristic irrigation canal (saia), various caves, a wall with graffiti, various panoramic points and finally the Casa Calanna.

Get ready for a multi-faceted journey that will make you discover and admire authentic landscapes with an overwhelming charm. This itinerary is perfect for those who love dirt tracks and experiences in the name of adventure and exclusivity.

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Get ready to live unforgettable experiences in Acireale to discover unspoiled nature and a unique and inimitable past.

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