Watch out for your promises

We were hoping that September would come as late as possible but sadly it has. Remember all the “we’ll talk about it in September”? They are all here waiting for you! Don’t get overwhelmed by all the things to do and by the nostalgia of the summer but leave with a full load of energy to better face the painful return.

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“No more pizza and hamburgers, only healthy and dietetic food!”

During the summer everything is allowed: ice creams, aperitifs, dinners out and so on and so forth but with the arrival of September it is important to resume a detox and light diet to feel better and get back in shape. At the super conveniente you will find BIO departments, focused on light but tasty and nutritious foods to make your meals complete but healthy.

“Carve out 10 minutes a day to do yoga”

Returning to work or resuming studies can be even harder and heavier than expected if you don’t include a moment for yourself in your day, dedicated to relaxation, well-being and rediscovering balance. Yoga is often the solution to all these questions and allows everyone, even the less trained, to do a type of physical activity that makes the body and mind feel good and often even just 10 minutes is enough.

At OVS underwear you will find perfect sets for yoga, comfortable, versatile and soft that perfectly accompany your every movement.

“Less TV series and more space for my hobbies”

What are your hobbies? Do you still have any? Now with the technological tools that we use every day we tend more and more to take time away from those activities that free our creativity and are good for the heart and mind. There are those who have a passion for music, someone for painting or drawing, someone who loves to sew and crochet, someone to take pictures and much more. Let’s stop our beloved TV series first, close Instagram or Tik Tok for a while and get back to our hobbies. At Happy Casa you will find the ideal products for every hobby, discover them all and have fun.

“Take care of my skin”

How beautiful it is to sunbathe and see our complexion getting darker and darker but then it is very important to take care of our skin to counteract the damage caused by sun exposure. Rigorous skin care with quality products is the regular appointment that everyone must have to feel better by dedicating a moment just to themselves. At Douglas you will find products from the best brands and suitable for all skin types.

“Study very hard”

For many, September is the month of study, homework, exams and a new year full of challenges that is about to begin. Get off on the right foot this year and organize your study well from day one using the stationery products you can find at Miniso which, with its characters, colors and many features, will make you never want to get distracted.

“Renovate your home decor”

We spend most of our days inside our home and there we collect moments that will remain indelible in our memories. However, it is important to always be attentive to new desires and new cravings that may arise, such as changing the furniture in the living room or bedroom, remodeling that space to make it more congenial to our needs. This is why a walk to Kasanova can give you some interesting ideas to find the furniture you were looking for and to make your home always up-to-date.

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